You draw nothing from the bank of Life,....

Except what you deposit into it!


Rest assured we have never placed a client with the likes of Blue Chip....

With experience comes wisdom...............

(a copy of our disclosure statements are available free at any time)

Before you Invest:

Before you invest you need to discover what type of investor personality you are.  You need to understand how you feel about the balance between how much an investment may fluctuate and the potential returns you might expect.

The PlanWise Investor Selection Process will help  you determine:

  • How you like to invest
  • What is your investment profile
  • Matching your investor profile to an investment fund

Make your appointment with a Planwise AFA Advisor today and ensure your investments are balanced to suit your specific requirements.



Category 1 Products - AFA Financial Advice Only

Short Term Investments (On-Call to 24 months)

Often our clients are seeking to invest a sum while they are waiting to make a property purchase. This will require money to be readily available, secure and with a realistic rate of return. We can offer a selection of term deposit and on-call options through Banks, Building Societies, Finance Companies and Trustee Companies.

Because rates are continually changing, we regularly update our information base. Contact us for the latest and best rates.

Medium Term Investments (36 Months to 5 Years)

When funds are not immediately required it is desirable to seek the best rates for the longest possible term. By matching the term to your requirements we can recommend the best possible options. These may range from Term Deposits with a variety of institutions, Mortgage or Property Funds and Share Funds.

Where the sum invested is significant (in excess of $20,000) we will generally recommend diversifying across investment types, fund managers and terms.

For Large Sums we will provide a full financial plan that incorporates a selection of local and international products which fit with your Risk Profile.

Clients with large portfolios receive a full report every six months and an annual tax report. We can always provide full portfolio details on request.

Long Term Investments including Retirement Planning

Generally investments beyond 5 years are focussed on Retirement Planning.

PlanWise has access to a wide range of Investment Plans.  Choosing an investment plan to suit your specific retirement needs requires careful planning. Contact a Planwise AFA Financial Advisor today to plan for your retirement.

Managed Funds

In some situations Managed Funds run by Investment or Insurance companies will help you meet a savings goal. They may be suitable for saving for a specific purpose such as your children’s education.

We can identify any that may meet your requirements and can inform you of their investment style and focus. 

Investment in Retirement

For those who receive sizable lump sums from superannuation or the sale of a business or farm, retaining your capital for the duration of your retirement is a significant challenge. We can analyse your cash requirements and tailor an investment portfolio to meet your continuing needs. Often this can be done to minimise capital reduction so you will always have cash to call on in an emergency.

We understand that your retirement fund is precious and we will ensure that it is not put at risk for the sake of making high returns.

Direct Investments

Because we are not Share brokers you cannot access direct investment into Shares or Bonds through us. However, through our associations we can provide these options. If you require this service please talk with your Planwise AFA Financial Advisor as they will be able to help.



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